Cycle Engined Technology (CET™)

Arealeum is a project that aims to provide users with a transparent, secure, and efficient way to invest in the cryptocurrency market. We use a technology called Cycle-Engined-Technology (CET™) to govern how funds are invested and how tokens are distributed among different investment pots.

Our Cycle-Engined-Technology (CET™) follows a process of selection, investment, and repetition, and uses burning as a means to stabilize the price of the token. Whenever a token is withdrawn from an investment pot and enters the market, the same amount of ARE tokens are burned to stabilize the price. This mechanism is based on predefined, transparent algorithmic rules that are publicly available. The advanced tokenomics mechanisms, such as token buybacks, help to support the deflationary nature of the ARE token in each investment chapter.

The investment process is organized into chapters, each of which consists of seven cycles. When a chapter is completed, all of the treasury wallets containing the return on investment from the projects in ARE are merged together, and a new chapter begins, effectively restarting the process.

Our ecosystem is designed to provide token holders with a sense of security and confidence in their investment decisions. We aim to create an ever-growing ecosystem that will offer the best risk-return ratio within the macro investment landscape, while fully involving the community in the process and rewarding them for their continuous contribution.

If you would like to learn more about our Cycle-Engined-Technology, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We would be happy to provide you with additional information.