The Arealeum ecosystem with CET™

The perfect investment for any kind of investor.

Alternative investment opportunity

Arealeum expands the basic premise of investment funds and transforms it into a decentralized, community managed, blockchain-based investment ecosystem.

Sustainable digital investment

The focus is on real estate and sustainability projects selected by Arealeum investment advisors with a substantial track record in the investment landscape.

New generation of digital and traditional assets

The ARE token is the perfect HODL vehicle for investors without prior trading or investing experience and for those who favor the concept.

Transparent innovative technology

Arealeum provides full transparency into the selection process of projects that are chosen to participate in each cycle.

Selective, safe and secure

Arealeum is a utility token asset backed by a technology called Cycle-Engined Technology (CET™).

High reward and low volatility

Our vision is to create an investment ecosystem that will offer better risk-return ratios than other investments, while involving the community and rewarding them for their contributions.

Low minimum investment

Today, thanks to digitization such as cryptocurrencies, everyone can start investing with a small amount from the comfort of their home.

Control over your investments via voting rights

The ARE token will allow holders to vote on which projects should be selected for the next cycle. A special point system will provide rewards for voting.

Benefits with #ARE

Token holders can rely on the experience of the Arealeum team to identify profitable investment opportunities, while still remaining involved in the final selection process.

Regulated in UAE.

VARA (Virtual Assets Regulatory Authorit) license coming soon.