Token name:

The number of tokens to be issued:
3,050,000,000 ARE

Total for sale:
36.07% of the total issue of tokens (1,100,000,000 ARE)

Fiat currencies accepted:

Cryptocurrencies accepted:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH)

Hard cap:
73,392,857 USD

ARE is a utility token released on the Ethereum platform according to ERC20 standard. ARE is used as a voting instrument within the Arealeum ecosystem. The main purpose of the token is to enable the holders to vote on which projects should participate in the investment cycles.

The project runs self- reinforcing investment cycles continuously and allows token holders to exercise governance rights with the deflationary ARE token on which projects to be added to the portfolio and invested into in an upcoming cycle. The focus is on real estate and sustainability projects with outstanding ROI potential, that are preselected by the Arealeum team. The investment possibilities are chosen through a community voting. Token holders vote on the projects with their ARE tokens and are rewarded ranks, allowing them to benefit from various incentive mechanisms such as passive income in the form of fee cash backs.

The main wallets store the total supply of ARE within the ecosystem: market, investment, marketing, charity and board wallets. The ecosystem further incorporates bank wallets (1 for each cycle) and an empty burn address where the ARE tokens are sent out from the investment wallet whenever ARE tokens are taken out from the other wallets and sold to the markets.

The total supply of ARE is minted, 36.07% of which are sold at the ICO. The remaining tokens are split among the other investment pots, resulting in the following overall distribution: GRAPH distribution page 23 (whitepaper)

Token sale

The token sale is carried out in three stages: Private sale, Pre-sale and Main Sale. Arealeum will hold an initial coin offering (ICO) and issue ARE, which will be used as the utility token within the Arealeum ecosystem.

The main sale will be performed in accordance with the token purchase agreement. Main sale participants will need to undergo the KYC procedure. Investments over USD 10 000 are subjective to AML laws. Other restrictions may apply for participants from various countries.