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Customer acquisition and new business deals in Dubai and the UAE. Arealeum Consulting is your partner for expanding your business into Middle East. We offer trusted insights to win new business and acquire new customers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Learn and grow strategically or transform the trajectory of your business and achieve extraordinary results with our expertise and knowledge.

Imagine the full potential of a new market. Emerging markets remain crucial to growth in most global industries, despite the changing international trade and economy. Companies worldwide are expanding business opportunities in emerging markets, looking for a greater potential for success due to their multiple advantages and rapid growth. However, entrance to these markets is vulnerable to a few challenges and risks. Establishing a presence in new territories requires substantial investment and often means operating in data-dark environments. The social and political context, different communication channels, consumer behavior, local competitive environment, cultural differences, regulations and legislative barriers differ widely from one market to another.

While the decision to enter a new market is one of the most important and most difficult decisions any company will face, it is one that could result in significant long-term rewards for your company if handled correctly. For this reason, it is essential to partner with professional advisors. At Arealeum Consulting, we are experts at assisting companies to explore new opportunities in Dubai and UAE.

We help companies identify differentiated approaches and create go-to-market strategies and new sources of growth so that they can succeed in UAE. Our broad expertise, thorough understanding, resourceful approach and competitive insights helped many businesses to formulate and execute their market entry strategies. International know-how, on-site presence and local experts who know exactly how the economic and political landscape works, make Arealeum Consulting your strong partner in Dubai and UAE.

Arealeum Consulting

Arealeum Investment

Arealeum Investment is a modern and secure High-Tech-Fund. Arealeum builds upon the basic premise of investment funds and expands it much further, transforming it into a decentralised, community managed, blockchain-based investment ecosystem.

Arealeum enables modern fund-like financing for traditional asset classes, real estate and other high-yield investments, that turn into unique digital representation in a completely decentralised, independent and secure blockchain based on Ethereum blockchain.

Investment projects

Arealeum Crypto

Arealeum (ARE) is a new digital asset class. Blockchain technology is upending many traditional areas of finance and investors are increasingly showing interest. The digital asset is coming of age, becoming a mainstream market. A fear of missing out among investors is settling in. When the increased digitalisation of the economy considered, the future of money can be digital ownership, while the future of investment is technology. Therefore, we see the future of the digital investment is a sustainable crypto product - Arealeum.

The cryptocurrencies offer the prospect of higher gains than the stock market with a tradeoff of fairly higher volatility levels. While the cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing, Arealeum is backed by a portfolio of assets to ensure that it maintains its value. Arealeum combines the best of both worlds, uniting the popularity of traditional investments and the potential of crypto.