Sarit $ 20,000,000

Project Sarit
Type Electric vehicle
Investment $ 20,000,000
Location Canada
ROI 9%

Investment Highlights

SARIT is the new game-changing micro-mobility personal electric vehicle with the ability to dramatically reduce traffic congestion, cut the amount of time it takes for individuals to travel to and from work, and improve air quality. SARIT stands for safe, affordable, reliable, innovative transport, which provides the individual mobility and freedom that comes with personal transportation.

Market Highlights

Founded in Canada, SARIT is launching in Austria. Austria scores well in international business rankings. The World Economic Forum rates Austria’s competitiveness and attractiveness as a place for business highly. Austria is a stable business location with a secure framework, offers a dynamic research and development scene and is renowned for its high quality of life, infrastructure and strong purchasing power. Austria ranks among the most highly globalized countries in the world and enjoys an international reputation as the top business location for building up business ties to Eastern Europe. Austria also scores points because of its highly trained skilled employees. Vienna is a very attractive location for high-tech talents from Eastern European countries, and at the same time very experienced professionals come to Vienna due to the high quality of life. The favorable development of the Austrian startup scene in recent years benefit from a well-functioning market: a comprehensive system of public sector funding on early stages and national venture capital firms as well as numerous business angels invest millions of euros in innovative, convincing, scalable concepts.