Jeddah Airport

Project Jeddah Airport
Location Saudi Arabia

Investment Highlights

The Jeddah Airport City (JAC) is located in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia. The 1.91mn GBA masterplan for JAC integrates an innovative mixed-use community in the kingdom making it an aerotropolis – a metropolitan sub-region whose infrastructure, land use and economy are centred around a major airport. “The project is smoothly integrated with the operations of the airport and will work as an extended terminal, with the aim of increasing the transit traffic up to 30% of the region cap and enhancing the traveler journey for which we are working as one team with our partners from the Jeddah Airport company”, - says Sultan Al-Harbi, chairman and CEO of SARH Real Estate Development Company.

Market Highlights

Globally, mixed-use developments are emerging as the new model of real estate expansion, integrating luxury hotels with co-working spaces, wellness centers and retail combined with short and long-term residential units. Regionally, real estate developers are catering to this demand and, in fact, planning for cities that can only become a reality, a decade from today with extensive foresight and vision.