The Real Estate & Start-up Investment Ecosystem.

Fueled by the novel
Cycle-Engined-Technology (CET™)

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Reinventing Investment.

Through the power of Blockchain.

We re-invented Investment Capital through the power of Blockchain technology. Our unique approach empowers individuals to invest in projects all over the world by using our ARE Token.

Arealeum is a unique platform for buying and selling Tokens which represent shares in promising projects. These projects range from Real Estate to green Energy and also Startups.

These shares are traded on Public Crypto- Exchanges and empower the holders in two ways. Not only can they benefit from the market value of their Tokens but also through the increasing value of the assets over time.

In simple terms, our shares are available for trading on crypto exchanges, setting us apart from other companies. Transparency, Simplicity, Elimination of intermediary's, Flexibility and Community driven.
  • Decentralized, community-managed investment ecosystem
  • Based on blockchain technology that focuses on real estate and sustainability project
  • The ARE token is released on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 standard
  • Cycle-Engined-Technology (CET™)
  • Advanced tokenomic mechanisms used for burning and token buybacks
  • Investors can use the ARE Token as a tool for voting, to participate in investment cycles
  • The selection process for projects is fully transparent
  • Supported by a team of experienced investment and financial advisors
  • Important information for investors is publicly disclosed
  • A well-balanced investment option that is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced investors
Base Technology

Cycle-Engined-Technology(CET™) Based Tokenization Platform